Apex Maintenance - Porter Services

Portering makes all the difference

Scheduled Porter Services

A small but very significant component to a pristine lot is portering. At Apex we encourage a weekly porter service. We are flexible and can use an hourly plan or a per job schedule to get it and keep it clean.

Apex SweeperWe have dedicated porters who will walk all the grass, fence and other lot areas hand picking the trash. We also use a comprehensive list of common cleaning needs that is tweaked for each lot.


Unscheduled Portering Services

Dumpster Clean UpWe know that if there is a dumpster the bulk trash will come. Because we keep our dumpster areas clean this is less of a problem than others have but it does happen.

If we can we will load it in the dumpster and it is done.

If the item can’t be put in the dumpster we always communicate with a photo and a proposed plan of action to get the bulk trash removed. We don’t like our lots to look like a place for people to dump their trash.

Our Clients Include

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